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About Us

We, QFM Sithula Radio, the First Sri Lankan FM Radio Channel in the Middle East region, currently operating from Qatar.

Catering to the Sri Lankan community Online since January 2019 and ON-AIR (FM) since March 2020.

Our Mission and Vision is to connect the Sri Lankans in Qatar, with the intention of “ONE-NATION“. Prominently bring in the workers/bachelors and families together under “QFM Sithula Radio”
by listening to music, leisure chats, and interact discussing intellectual matters to make awareness for betterment.
Not limited to making many of the bachelors living in Qatar feel homely and bring their loved ones closer via “ON-AIR(FM)” despite living thousands of miles across the ocean.
Uddama Akalanka & Samadhi Peries is our main strength, playing a pivotal role since the inception of Sithula.
SITHULA team is getting stronger and matured day by day, ensuring to fulfill our goal. Broadcast the best to our fellow Sri Lankans living in Qatar, to make them comfortable.
We wanted to be your choice of Radio, fulfilling your expectations whatever possible way, with our capacity.
“In the new era, thought itself will be transmitted through Radio ” – Guglielmo Marconi